MG Wishes

As you know, I am a demanding woman of good living, good taste and exquisite whims to please, that make my life much more comfortable and more pleasant, the dream of every Goddess.

I know you want to keep my status, well, my long red nails catch your attention, my slender figure tease you more and more, my performance drives you crazy and my powerful allure makes you give up on my feet with much pleasure.

So, get down to work to keep up, satisfy everything that really increase my adrenaline, take me to the top and assume the consequences, do not let my flame go out, not for a second because there will be your reward.

A Mistress like me, requires exclusive attention, be pampered and put on a pedestal; beautiful and unimaginable surprises, are incentives that will make my life even more special and our relationship an allusive event.

You know that every session requires a tribute, but a good server understands that a simple tribute without more is not enough.

I know that some of my subjects feel nervous and insecure when choosing the appropriate present to fill me with praise, so, here are some ideas to abundantly extract my satisfaction:

Seasonal Flowers parfum my home and studio, besides, give that touch of freshness to the environment which I really love.

Do you have a commercial property for rent to offer in Geneva? it should be not less than 120 m2, If so, do not hesitate for a second to express to the world your desire to raise up your Mistress to the Top. I have a huge closet that need enough room to be exposed and so I would love to share the space with my friends and colleagues international Mistresses, which together with me are willing to offer you an up scale Thank You to remember for ever!

My favorite skin treatment, any cosmetic from La Prairie

This Pearlmaster Rolex 39 

This Philipp Plein leather biker studs Jacket

Or this other Philipp Plein Leather Moto Jacket Studs

Any product from Globus: gourmet, marroquinerie, talons et cuissardes, vestes en cuir, lingerie, sacs…

Make me incredibly horny by offering me this dream car, same color than my long red finger nails!!!

Low budget? never mind! I love to have a varied collection of BDSM/fetish items, here you have selection of gadgets that I would love to have in my closet click on the link and choose what would please you the most, so I can wear it exclusively for you! 😉 click her

A submissive who revels against the rules to satisfy me, will earn miles to be remembered affectively by me.
Luxury and expensive goods will always be welcome, but, never so much, as what really gives me pleasure, please keep an eye on my list.
Though, those who knows me by heart, knows exactly what I want, in any case, let me tell you that surprises will be always a sweet to me.
Here, I quote some specific dates where your details will always be welcome, they are also a fabulous opportunity to declare your devotion:

March 6: Mistress Geneva’s birthday  March 8: International Women’s Day  April in Easter Day May 1st: the international labour day August the 1st National Swiss Confederation day December 25: Christmas Day  December 31st. restauration de la République de Genève January 1: New Year  January 6: The wise men’s arrival February 14: Valentine’s Day

Pamper me as much as I deserve, you will never have made a better investment in your life 😉