Rent a Dungeon

Dungeon in Geneva per hours or day on rent

Le Donjon Rouge is opening its doors for amateurs and professionals in search of the perfect hideaway for their naughtiness.

If you are an amateur, I invite you to take the reins of your pleasure with your adventure partner to give free rein to your imagination on a crazy afternoon where pleasure, based on BDSM games, is the protagonist of that hot meeting.

On the other hand, if you are a professional, man or woman, Mistress or Submissive, Master or Submissive, you are also welcome at Le Donjon Rouge, where you can play freely and know-how.

Taking your client to the top of the pleasure intoxicated by the atmosphere and all the tools that will be at your disposal.

What do I offer you?

A totally private and autonomous access. When confirming your reservation you will be provided with an access code. Get to know more by sending a whatsApp to 079 896 45 02 and book it now!

The studio includes:

A medium-sized entrance hall where you will find a console with a Nespresso coffee machine with some coffee capsules and some soft drinks and a sparkling wine courtesy of the house.

In the storage of this hall, you will find the necessary clean bedding to spend the night in the Dungeon if it is your desire.

-A complete bathroom, where you have bath gel, shampoo, toilet paper and towels for your use, it also has a hairdryer.

A multifunctional domination playroom, as presented in the photos, where you have a cross on the wall with your handcuffs, a foal, and a generously sized bondage stretcher where you can comfortably work on your slave, two guillotines, a second cross attached to the bib, a generously sized cage, a television with video included, a black chair and an armchair for the Dominant being.

In addition, the following accessories are included to be able to run your sessions: a short and long whip and a paddle, various dildos and a harness, a foxtail, a hand and foot restraint bar, clamps, weights, testicles harness, cage chastity for the penis.

Three masks, one gag, One set of sharp spurs, 6 diverse wigs, 4 sexy combinations for feminizations, 5 pairs of heels for male sizes, and 5 pairs of heels for female sizes, 4 ropes for bondage, 4 anal eggs, 2 dilators urethra,

Latex gloves, lubricants, oils, preservatives and disinfectant gel will also be provided.

Keep in mind that since it is a Dungeon, there is no conventional bed, if your desire is to spend the night, it has a 120cm X 2-meter bondage stretcher.

There the dominant can comfortably sleep or rest or be massaged by his slave and of course, the cage is the ideal place for your submissive or slave to spend the night.


120.-CHF per hour cleaning fees are included

250.-CHF per night, plus 80.-CHF for cleaning and disinfection on departure. Remind please that a deposit of 200.-CHF is required to give back on departure.

The set of electric shocks has an additional cost of 80.-CHF that is also paid online confirming at the time of booking to be added to your reservation.

Access to the studio has two-time slots available:

Option A.- Check-in 11 am Check-out 9 am the day after

Option B.- Check-in 2 PM Check-out 12 PM the day after

Please confirm the schedule of your convenience when making your reservation.


It is always recommended to put music to dispel the noise of the session, such music must be at a moderate volume, in the studio, it has a Bluetooth speaker from which you can connect If you do not like music, it is not a big deal.

Disturbing neighbours are not allowed, so extreme noises are totally prohibited, be sure to use the gags and use a moderate tone of voice.

Do not remove the work material from the BDSM studio, the accessories are for your use and enjoyment while you are in the dungeon, when you leave said implements must be there.

Leaving the studio under normal acceptable cleaning conditions will be really appreciated, any excess dirt will have an additional penalty of 80.-CHF

It is appreciated that the entry and exit times are respected.

Any infraction of these rules carry a penalty of 200.-CHF and an invitation to leave the studio.

If you have decided to rent, just please send us a WhatsApp to fix the date to 079 896 45 02 and BOOK IT NOW!

Therefore keep in mind that the main objective is that you enjoy your moment to the fullest and create a close, trustworthy and lasting relationship with you. Thank you for booking!