Stories by submissive Alan

Excited, I forget about my wife and family: shaving of my cock and balls and ass rim, cleaning of the hole!

A few more hours and here we go: tightening of balls with a rope, clamps on my tits, a nice woman red string on, cash in the jeans, champagne in the cooler, go,go,go!

14 minutes later I lock my bike, run to the tobacco shop to purchase Her menthol Vogue. Shit I am going to be late!

While walking those 30 mts. I pull my t-shirt up and fix a clamp on each nipple, ouch! it is already painful.

Already here

I knock at Her door, and ones She opens, Immediately on all four I lick her boots, stick my tongue out so that she feels it under the leather, she likes it, whips my ass, kicks my sex to feel its hard, My Queen loves the fact I do all my way from home already erected 🙂

My Mistress makes me stand up and within a vicious twist, She checks that my clamps are on.

I am back on all four, excited! We move to the Dungeon and she lets me smell her legs, her ass, as a Prix for being on time, this is the way She uses to calm down my thirst for domination, though She doesn’t imagine that getting her smell my anxiety increase as hell.

So, once inside

 Once she is seated I rub a bit my cock on her leg, in my doggy position that really make me feel like the good horny bitch I am. 

She commands me to undress and dance for her, as a striptease girl, so she can make a full check of my body accessories ( my clamps, cock ring and the ball bondage She likes on me).

Then once checked She order to bring her amenity, while upstanding with legs spread. 

The excuse

Then, She asks me why it took me so long to come back to worship my Queen, “Corona” I said, coldly She starts a short and efficient ballbusting and tells me to never wait this long again! 

I am almost crying so she twists my clamps again nicely and long, making me promise her fidelity and devotion.

She reminds me that I am the biggest slut and that I Luv it! Then she chooses a nice plug while I must put my red high heels on. 

She makes me walk like a whore, serve the champagne while plugged with the advice that if I lost it She Would draw her whip on my bottom and back, which scares me since my wife doesn’t know anything bout my dirty games.

The big black

Then, She made me get on my knees to suck the big black cock, the one she has on her dungeon, having my first mouthful of champagne

So, I spit it back on her huge strap on to swallow it deep. 

Deep throat! She says that’s the only thing you are good at! You are the biggest Geneva’s slut and could suck the whole building, street, city! 

She adds: Did you clean your asshole? better than last time?  

“We shall see! If my huge dick will bring back shit I ‘ll make you eat it all!” and here she goes merrily fucking my buthole.

While reminding, me I am the biggest slut! 

Once out there is a bit of shit on her strap on, Mistress pulls me by the nipple clamps and to her word, makes me clean it! 


She laughs while I am truly disgusted, then asks me: More champagne? yes, Mistress, I said thinking that for once She was going to be gentle with me.

Then, she asks me to lay down, pees on my cock and with some jets came up, then She comes with her beautiful pussy close to my face.

 Champagne? She said.

I cannot hold longer and jack off! She gets irritated because I did not warn her, I must lick her pee and my sperm until its clean! 

Now I can shower then I will have to mop the floor before to be served a proper glass and have a bit of conversation with this true Goddess to keep her smile of satisfaction on my mind until our next meeting.